About Dr Cath

Dr Cath is the pseudonym for Dr Catherine Heffernan who's been a registered Consultant in Public Health on the UK Public Health Register since 2009 and a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health.  

She is currently Principal Advisor for Commissioning Early Years, Immunisations and Vaccination Services at Public Health England (London).  Between March 2020 and October 2021,  worked as a Consultant in Public Health/Public Health Advisor in Public Health England's national advice, guidance and expertise team (PHAGE) on the COVID-19 incident.   In the past, she's also been 
an interim Director of Public Health and a Consultant in Children's Public Health.  She has specialised in immunisations and healthcare public health. She also has a long standing interest in the public health issues of childhood as they relate to children and parents and children as future adults. 

Catherine also holds an honorary associate professorship at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  As well as academic collaborations, she is an educational supervisor for public health registrars and a clinical supervisor for GP trainees (public health placements).  She is an appraiser trainer for the PHE London Revalidation Programme and a Deputy Faculty Advisor for Faculty of Public Health. 

Catherine has also been an expert committee member on NICE Quality Standards for Improving Vaccination Uptake in under 19s (2016) and a commissioner representative on the NICE Guideline Committee for management of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women and the NICE Guideline Committee for Pelvic Dysfunction.    

Catherine has written articles on public health topics for a number of magazines including C'llr (2007-2017), Public Health Matters and Public Health Today. 

Magazine articles (2020/21):

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Peer reviewed publications in last 4 years (2017-21):

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Full list of publications can be found at Research Gate.