Arching an Eyebrow

Just when I decided on my mascara and ordered my annual supply, it turns out mascara is out this season. I am choosing to ignore this trend not only because I have the shortest eyelashes ever but the look really didn't do Una Thurman any favours recently. What I also noticed were her big thick brows - another look I will bypass having the shortest...anyhow, I now hear that tinted brow gels are way to go not powder. Must admit I never gave brow products much thought. As far as I was concerned, eyebrow waxes were all you needed to stay in groomed shape. 

At school I lived with the brows I had - it was the early 1990s so unruly brows were in. Then one summer's day in 1994 aged 18, I bought a pair of tweezers and tidied them up, not much to do as they are a natural arched 50s' style and apart from a brief interlude in 2001 when I had them waxed to a sort of extended comma, the shape hasn't changed down the years.

To keep them tidy I ran clear mascara through them until clear brow gel came out (prob the same just different packaging). I remember reading in the mid to late 1990s that Jennifer Ainston used a brow pencil to lengthen her brows. I jumped on that tip and have stuck to this look ever since. (I think I even have the same pencil!)

Of course I noticed the shaded look of actresses on film and while I knew of powder and wax I had no idea how the combination worked. Good stuff that in today's world, tutorials are on you tube so you're not completely reliant on what the comestics sales lady knows in the department store. Still I am curious about the world of tinted gel, powders and highlighters and pencils with blenders. I feel like an eighteen year old again. It may not be tweezers this time that has a spring in my step but after my recent foray into eyebrow tinting I think I am hooked. Though I may give tattooing a miss - I think I'd end up looking like I stuck my false moustache in the wrong place. 

Orignially posted Monday, February 23, 2015