Christmas is Coming, Mother Goose's on top of that!

Or so I thought! It started off so well. Santa organised, tickets bought early for the lights at Kew Gardens and visiting Santa at Osterley Park. Tree up for the 1st December, advent calendars got. Had planned to merge all traditions - Sinterklaas from Holland in November (tick), Nikolaus from Germany on the 6th December(ignored this year as in Ireland but previously I told my kids this is when the elves left sweets in your boots and the letter to use to write to Santa) and celebrating St Lucia on 13th December from Scandinavia (tick). I ordered my goose and ham and then it's started to unravel a bit. I left it too late to book Harrods, although it's turned out that seeing just one Santa is enough - the seven year old has noted that there are way too many Santas around to which I explained that they are not the real Santa but Santa's helpers, here to find out what the children want and that they email Santa with what they've found out. I like having the build up and then I like enjoying the 12 days of Christmas, which no one seems to do anymore. I like just to be able to relax with my family and not worry about work and the general feeling that life is running away from me. Have forgotten about Christmas cards and now it's too late to post them. First time but then I do spend almost £100 a year on cards to people I really should be in touch with during the year and generally speaking I am but I admit I could be better. I was never one for the 'round robin' as I prefer to tailor my message by hand to the person that I'm writing to, picking out things that they are interested in. It takes time and this year, it's something that's dropped on my priority list. I don't know maybe it's something to do with juggling small children, work and household and something I'll pick up again in the future.

Hard to believe 2015 is almost over. Been a good year and I'm hopeful 2016 will be too. After all, I'm leaving behind the thirties for my forties. In the meantime, there's grocery shopping to do for this week and next with dinners to plan for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Going to stick to online I think and avoid the Christmas madness, but then I've planned a trip up the Shard and so I can watch it all from the winter wonderland height, like the angels on high or a Christmas Tree Fairy. Here's to a peaceful and happy Christmas!