Dr Cath 2.0

I'm rebooted and up and running and I finally get around to doing an up-to-date blog!  In the past, I fragmented my thoughts across four different blogs on blooger.com and wordpress.com that I never really got around to blogging.  That reminds me of an comment an old flatmate once said - she had spent much of her teenage life writing diaries until her life got too exciting and she was too busy living it to write it!  So true of my life today.  Too busy being a working mum to have time to adequately reflect.  Hopefully that will change now and each week I can bring you an update on what I have gotten up to as well as any public health sleuthing that needs doing! So if you have a burning question about anything health related -  even if it is something like do face creams actually work? - drop me a line on Twitter #AskDrCath and I will give it my best shot.

This past week I've been busy working on a proposed Cochrane review on use of social media interventions on improving uptake of vaccinations.  Fingers crossed the editors will like it (and I'm not jinxing it by talking about it here).  Working on it meant that had to really focus on what social media interventions are, how I'd define them and which ones I would include.  I mean we all know what it is but being made to define it really does make you think about it.  So in summary, Web 2.0 applications refer to those applications that emerged post dot.com crash in 2004 and which enable interactivity.  Prior to that internet communciations were one way, almost lecture like.  Which got me thinking about this website and whilst it is a resource for people working in and studying public health, it is a bit lecture like.  I need to make it more interactive, enable content to be discussed, added to etc.  So if you got any ideas please drop me a line to info@drcath.net or Twitter - @drcath.net or on my new account on Instagram - InDrCathshoes.