Everybody's Foo Foo Fighting

For the past five weeks I have managed to grab an hour out of the daily grind to go along to the Foo Foo Fun Club. It's an exercise class especially for women but more than that it is a post natal fitness class. A class for women who aren't quite themselves after having a baby or hitting menopause. Nope this isn't about post natal mental health it's about good pelvic health. And unless you've been living as a hermit, you will know that having a baby can lead to various degrees of prolapses, incontinence, descending uterus, diastasis and weakened core and pelvic floor muscles. So this class is all about strengthening those key pelvic and core muscles so that you can exercise, dance and get on with your life, losing weight and feeling great. 

I first heard of it through one of midwives for my last child. She scribbled down the name and mobile number of the local ambassador Kate enthusing that it does wonders for your orgasims! I put it aside til baby came then when I started seeing a physiotherapist who told me to give a shot. You see while I had been doing kegal exercises religiously, they are done separately to physical exercise. Foo Foo brings them together so you can exercise  whilst strengthening your pelvic floor at the same time. 

So there I've been the last five weeks with a bright pink ball wedged between my thighs squeezing the anus! We've had a bit of fun. There are six of us in the class of varying ages but the right side of fifty. One commented on seeing the ping-pong vaginal sprouter in Thailand. Our teacher remarked 'that's a strong pelvic floor'. To which another stated 'that's probably what my other half thinks I am dong here'. 'With tennis balls', quipped one woman referring to the balls we use to massage our feet at the start! How we laughed!

I also learned that sit ups are a real no-no  for us mummies. Something that was rather vividly illustrating with a rubber chicken squeezing out an egg. No thank you! So I've got me a series of tummy toning but pelvic healthy exercises. The bizarre thing is despite not doing much cardio other than walking each day and my foofoo homework, I have lost an inch from my waist and hips. Summer dresses that haven't fit since post first child now fit! Not sure they're really me anymore but they sure came in handy during last week' hot spell. 

I will be sad when the class ends but glad to hear there is a sister class of low impact cardio with pelvic exercises called Heat (bimbo here was calling it Gee-Gees!). Come on September!