Mascaras: The Magic is the Wand

I have a mission to be fit and glamorous approaching my forties and not at all 'mend and make do' and certainly not mumsy. Part A of my plan involves diet - tick. Part B to force myself to endure and survive classes - tick. So now for part C: the beauty makeover. Time  to sort through my makeup bags and update my look. I made a point of not buying any new make up whilst on maternity leave and just use up what I had. Clinique eye shadows from ten years ago, ends of Ruby and Millie lip gloss (oh how I miss this brand!) and an electic collection of Mascaras, all of which seem to do the same thing - make my short thin eyelashes look a bit less short.

Once upon a time I ruled the mascara look. I was a Max Factor devotee with a 2000 calorie mascara for a daytime look and a lengthening for night time. Then the mascara market exploded with baby doll looks, cat eyes, false lash effects,fluttery  eyes. I got confused, I developed an itch to my trusty Max Factor and experimented with Loreal Architect, Teloscopic (for that wet eye look) and Clinique high impact. Dannii Minogue came out with Models Co fiber lash so added that to the bag even if it does look like white fur on my eyes half the time. 

So back to basics. What do I need in my mascara? By day I want volume, fluttering eyes that can be easily removed at night. Other occasions I want length, drama, curl. Having done a spot of goggling it seems the trick is in the shape of the wand not in the formula or brand. Different shaped brushes do different things- thick one for volume, skinny for length, bow shaped for curl. There are others like a guitar shape (Eyeko Rock out and Lash out or Two Faced 'Better than Sex') to fan out the lashes and irregular shapes to separate lashes individually. As to the brand, well it seems quite subjective- what works on one woman doesn't necessarily work on the next. Plenty of review sites to help though like

I've decided to jump in and get a mascara for length and one for volume and mix the two - Eyeko's skinny and fat Mascaras spring to mind. Not something I would have thought of before but it seems the trick of make up artists. Then I need something dramatic for special occasions and even will dally in false lashes for the fun - have just got a pair of Millie Mackintosh but seem be better at sticking them to my eye sockets than eyelids - new trend perhaps? The excitement! The anticipation! New look eyes! All I need is for somewhere to go....

PS: Just discovered that Eyeko Skinny washes off easily with warm water so am totally converted and splashed out on the rest - Fat Brush for thick lashes, Black Magic in Midnight Blue for curl and dramatic night time wear and Eye do (complete with eye liner) for that open eyed sixties look. Skinny does what it says on the tube so totally excited about the rest of the looks.