WANTED! Leave Cover for Mother, needs to be able to work 4 jobs at once

Finding time to blog is harder than you think.  It's always been an ambition of mine to write, partly because I'd love to see my self-penned book on a shelf and partly because it's therapeutic.  Perfect down time, if I can get it.  The irony of writing about being on the mummy wheel is that I never get off to reflect upon my running.  Particularly now that Easter holidays are coming up.  "Doing anything nice?" Work colleagues ask.  "Just doing my other full time job - motherhood".  Not mentioning the other jobs - housework, house management, husband management, gardening, tailoring, DIY, party organiser, interior designer, etc.  "You need to have you time!" My single friends say.  Good point!  That's why I'm finally using my birthday voucher from three months ago to have a facial and massage this Thursday afternoon on my half day leave.  Bliss!  If only if I could stretch it that one little bit.  But how would I advertise? 

Wanted - person able to juggle full-time work, full-time motherhood, full-time housekeeper along with being able to be Easter bunny, tooth fairy, Santa and demonstrate magic kisses in making cuts and bruises go away.   Need to be able to be on call all hours of the day, especially in the early hours when the nightmare casts its shadow across little people's dreams.  Need to be able to hug, cuddle and make everything all right again.  Need to be prepared to be a self-taught cook and make healthy food appetizing.  Need also to be able to police treats.  Need to be able to enjoy an occasional night out with friends/other half only to have the stamina to deal with the early noisy risers.  Need to be able to stand your ground even if the pixies and little imps are showing you their cutest look.  Need also to be prepared to spend twice the amount on fashion, sorry three times, sorry four times your usual amount as you'll spot stuff for the little people and other half.  Holidays are at set times and always determined by the most action packed fun and adventures for little people with inevitable up early excitement syndrome.  Time off is an hour here and there where child is off at an activity/party or asleep in the pram and mum gets to have a creamy latte accompanied by a magazine.  Sometimes you might just see me gazing over the rim of the cup and thinking about those first words, laughs, quirks and memories, feeling blessed that I've been on a wonderful adventure.