Wardrobe Overhaul

I am pretty good at clothes clear out (you know sorting through stuff and chucking the old, shabby and no longer liked lot). I am apt at closet cleansing (getting rid of clothes not worn in a year). But yesterday I did a wardrobe overhaul. This was both of above and one step more. Not only was there an emptying of shelves but there was a hard look at how what's left can be reworked into today's fashion. 

Like many women who lose weight, the new body shape prompts a renewed interest in clothes. You feel good so you want new clothes to show off your confidence. Again like many women, I have a bundle of folded clothes, ones I have liked but no longer fit into, clothes that one day I would wear again. Of course seven years has passed since I last wore them, making some of them at least ten years old. Too young for vintage so I would just be wearing old clothes, looking like I hadn't changed in ten years.  Nope! I am going to be fashionable. So everything has gone through "could I wear this now?" Irrespective of whether it was expensive or not. I filled two black bags. And this from a woman who closet cleanses and chucks routinely. There was one other test the clothes had to pass too. "This was good at 30, can it work at 39 years?" It needs to be age appropriate - I don't mean boring, I mean there is a big difference between fashionable and trying too hard to be young. 

It is fun getting new things, trying out new combinations, solo catwalks on the bedroom carpet. It also struck me how wardrobe changes through life. Fifteen years ago my clothes were all party wear, ten years ago all casual as I was an academic, five years ago a new mum with my first proper work wardrobe. Now I have glam work clothes, casual for weekend and elegant for dinners and formal occasions. Growing up!