When the Mummy Wheel Hit the Grindstone

At the start of August my toddler (aka The Girl with the One Sock on) threw my iPhone in the toilet. There started the downhill spiral into a full on flapping about of a Catherine Wheel. Urgent care attendance in New Zealand was swiftly followed by A&E V&D visit in Singapore; two children deemed unfit to fly; two children deemed fit to fly; husband's both passports gone missing at passport office; bills due; back to school, back to homework and piano practice (why do I feel like I am doing school all over again); council tax; new garden gate; insurance claims; ever lurking problem of asbestos riddled garage; kickstarting exercise again but only managing Mondays; hitting the comfort food and toddler not sleeping, not at all. Not going down, not staying down. Heavy eyed at work. Every journey home the past three weeks delayed. Late fees at childcarers. Finally it halts with exhaustion last Wednesday. Couldn't move like a permanent hangover. Aching all over so off to bed to start again. 

Once upon a time I kept a diary but life got too exciting that I just didn't want to waste time not living it. Now I am too busy trying to keep things going that I don't have time to capture it in a blog, a blog set up to reflect on my life. Let's face it, it is work,work and work and without play I am turning into a dull girl. Don't get me wrong I am blessed with good health and a lovely family but sometimes you just want to get off the hamster wheel. Unfortunately even if it crashes to a halt it still means dragging yourself out of the sickbed to do the school. On the plus side, got a new iPhone so can now blog again on the go. And no, life does not have to end up like Les Sylphides (see Louis MacNeice). I will have my white flowers again.