Working 5 to 5 then I get up to earn a living

The 1980s were dominated by the Working Girl image. Dolly Parton sang about nine to five 'what a way to earn a living'. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper broke out of the teenage girl's bedroom into public in their underwear. Kylie may have sung that she would be so lucky in love but she too was achieving her dreams and a girl having fun!

Flash forward thirty years and the influences of my childhood linger on. I want to be a career woman. I want to be fashionable but dress how I want. I want to have fun. I want to achieve my dreams (okay being a Hollywood star has warped into being a best selling author). But my life goes like this... 6 am alarm goes up hubby gets up. I try to snatch another hour's snooze having seen my daughter twice during the night. 7.30 up I get - dress for work, dress six year old for school, dress baby while six year old feeds, feed baby, get a load of washing on, get baby to childminder, have breakfast, take son to school, run for train, get to work, work nine to five, grab tube and train home (hope no delays), get son from whatever after school activity it is that day, get baby, get home and get kids' meal on, do homework, supervise piano practice, do housework with baby stuck to hip, get dinner, baby bathed and off to bed, son bathed and off to bed, last minute family calls, internet food shopping, banking, sort out other school/holiday/house issues, then 9 pm cup of tea and some TV then bed only to do it all again tomorrow. Did I mention I still am trying to continue my weight loss and exercise regime? And write my books? And finish my academic articles due for submission? And do up my house? And have a social life, love life and me time? Phew! Welcome to 21st century womanhood. Welcome to the Mummy Wheel!